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Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS (SEL-1018) – Lab Test / Review

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Review by Klaus Schroiff, published April 2013


Sony is aggressively playing the megapixel game with their NEX camera series. However, so far they are a bit short of lenses delivering the required resolution to match the camera sensors. The Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS is a promising new contender in their lineup – at least if we assume that the price tag is an indicator for performance. That said, such ultra-wide lenses are often difficult beings on mirrorless cameras due to the short register distance (flange back distance) so it’ll be interesting to see whether this new Sony lens is up to the task …


The build quality of the Sony lens is, again, impressive. It has an all-metal body based on a metal mount. While this may sound like heavy stuff, it is an amazingly light-weight lens of just 225g. The inner lens tube extends slightly when zooming towards the long end of the zoom range. Both the zoom and focus ring operate smoothly. A plastic, petal-shaped lens hood is also part of the package.

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